Going Live

18 03 2010

I’ve had a flickr account for ages but I thought it was time to put together a website. Flickr gets all my images but I want to be much more selective with the website, a portfolio if you will. Read the rest of this entry »


Improving the reliability of a Canon Speedlite 580EXII: The sexiest mod I have ever seen!!!

26 01 2010

Ever since discovering the Strobist site, I have been trying to learn as much as possible about getting my flash off camera. I know it is possible to use cheap manual flashes to achieve the same results but I got a Canon 580EXII and a 430EX so that if I wanted to,  I could make use of the Canon wireless ETTL system but for the majority of the time, I use manual. We modded the 430EX HERE!

The 580EXII is the first Canon flashgun that I know of that has any kind of external sync port, the crappiest PC connection EVER! I hated it, my most expensive flashgun and it didn’t work half the time. Time for some DIY. Read the rest of this entry »

Putting an end to hours of frustration once and for all!

26 01 2010

The PC (Prontor/Compur)¬†port for synchronising the flash when using off camera on my 580EXII was unbelieveably, frustratingly unreliable, I have spent a fortune on batteries for my Pocket Wizards, new cables and spent more time fiddling with the PC connection than actually taking photographs at times but I concede that it was the connection port on the flashgun itself that was causing the problems. I did not want to admit that my most expensive flashgun could possibly be anything but perfect. Strangely, the PC port on my ancient Nikon SB-24 never once gave me a problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello world….

17 01 2010

….and welcome to my blog!

So. Hello. I signed up to this blog some time ago and never got round to writing on it, so long ago, I don’t even remember signing up to it. I thought it was about time I started to use it, the problem was that I didn’t know what I wanted to say or if anybody would be interested anyway.

Anyway, I have had a couple of projects on the go recently so what better way to get the blog started than to include them and share what I’ve been up to. I’m currently writing the first post so it should be up soon.

What to expect from me? Well, I don’t know. I’m hoping to let the blog take whichever direction it needs to, at least at the start and maybe I’ll have some kind of idea then.

Stuff to do so I’ll keep this short and sweet so bye for now!